Rules for Visitors

We are delighted to welcome you to the Zimbali Coastal Resort and we sincerely hope that your stay will be an enjoyable and memorable one.

The Resort, including the Fairmont Zimbali Lodge and Country Club, hosts several hundred private homeowners, their guests and many thousands of visitors during the course of every year. The Resort is managed by the Zimbali Estate Management Association (ZEMA) on behalf of the stakeholders and the rental of property is with the written approval of the Association.

In order to enhance your enjoyment of our beautiful Estate and Nature Reserve, and to ensure the preservation of the ambience and lifestyle that is the signature of Zimbali, everyone is requested to respect the environment and show consideration for the rights and privacy of others. In order for all to live together reasonably and harmoniously and without interfering with each others’ enjoyment, we would like to emphasise the Resort’s Code of Conduct.

We therefore appeal to everyone living in or visiting the Resort to be aware of our rules, to value them and to abide by them, thus avoiding any unpleasantness and the need to impose penalties for infringements. In this respect, we would draw your particular attention to the following:

1. Prior written authorization from ZEMA is required, should rental guests wish to invite additional visitors to the Estate. Please note that only 2 persons per bedroom are permitted in all homes, so as to prevent overcrowding of the Estate and its facilities.

2. The Estate’s speed limits are clearly marked and rental guests are requested to observe these at all times. These are generally 25 kph throughout the Residential & Hotel areas, with only Zimbali Drive being 40 kph (see map).

3. The Estate’s internal roads are often frequented by walkers, joggers and children as well as our natural animals. Visitors should be mindful of this during their stay and note that all of these have right of way at all times within the Estate.

4. Visitors should note that only holders of a valid driver’s license issued under the provisions of the Road Traffic Act shall be permitted to drive vehicles, including golf carts, within the Estate. Please also note that golf carts are limited to either 2 or 4 persons, depending on the designed seating capacity.

5. Due to the ecologically sensitive nature of the Estate, visitors are advised that the feeding, harming, disturbing or destroying of any wild animals, bird life or plant life within the Estate is prohibited.

6. In accordance with the Association’s Rules, no pets are permitted on to the Estate.

7. Loud music can often create a disturbance or nuisance to neighbours & fellow residents and rental guests are therefore required to respect such privacy & keep noise within reasonable levels.

8. Guests are issued with two rental cards to facilitate entry and exit from the Estate and, for that reason, only two vehicles are permitted access. Please ensure that these cards are kept in a safe place as a replacement charge is levied in the event of their loss. Rental cards are to be returned to the Zimbali Welcome Centre prior to departure.

9. On arrival all guests must check in through the welcome centre and have their biometrics done. Keys for properties are kept in key safes at the property entrance. On your departure please make sure the property is locked, windows are closed to prevent monkeys entering, keys are placed securely back in the key safe, and any access cards are returned to the welcome centre.

10. Please note that fireworks are banned at all times in order to protect the Resort’s animal and bird life.

11. Rental guests are advised that no organised private parties are permitted in public areas and that no commercial activity or photo shoots are permitted unless they receive prior written permission from the Association’s General Manager.

12. Rental owners should be aware that the Resort’s Golf course is not an extension of the residential areas & is subject to its own Code of Conduct and Rules, which can be obtained from the Country Club if required.

13. NO TAILGATING is permitted through any access control points (i.e. proceeding through gates or booms when opened by the vehicle in front or behind you). Only the authorised person of the access device may allow the single vehicle they are in through the access point. Disregarding any rules may lead to a penalty levy being imposed.

14. Guests whose children make use of battery driven scooters on the Estate are urged to ensure that their children are aware of the “rules of the road” and wear protective gear, such as helmets, at all times. Reckless and negligent driving and horseplay will not be tolerated.


– Please respect the rights and privacy of others at all times.
– Please respect the use of public areas.
– Please adhere to the designated speed limits at all times
– Please be mindful of pedestrians, children, golf carts and our wild animals
– Please ensure that no persons under eighteen years of age or persons without a valid driver’s license are allowed to operate any vehicles/golf carts on the Estate
– Please care for the protected fauna and flora on the Estate
– Please ensure that no litter is discarded within the Resort.

The Zimbali Estate Management Association and its Board of Directors thanks you for your understanding and co-operation, and wishes you a pleasant stay in our beautiful Resort.

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